How Do I Take Care of My Hair Transplant Scabs?

How Do I Take Care of My Hair Transplant Scabs?

Why Do Hair Transplant Scabs Form?

Hair transplant scabs form as a result of the small incisions made on the scalp during the hair transplant surgery. Platelets combine with fibrin proteins, among other substances to form a blood clot whenever the skin is injured to heal the skin.

Hair transplant scabs are actually dried blood clots. They provide a protective covering to the skin, while it’s being repaired underneath. Moreover, they keep the germs out and stop bleeding. Their formation is completely normal and expected. They are a sign of healing. 

How Do I Remove My Hair Transplant Scabs? 

You should never pick at the scabs or scratch your head using your nails as it can cause a risk of infection and/or damage to the skin. This can, in turn, affect the hair follicles negatively and harm the grafts. 
Your hair transplant scabs will soften up and fall away on their own. However, you can assist their removal by massaging your scalp. 

When and How Should I Massage My Scalp? 

You should start massaging your scalp 1 week after the check-up appointment. Make sure to do it when you’re applying the foam shampoo that we’ve provided. Remember, you should not apply too much pressure as it can dislodge the grafts. Use your fingertips to slowly apply the pressure in circular movements. 

Is It Okay If I Remove Hair Transplant Scabs While Washing My Head? 

In the first week after the procedure, you should only wash your head by dabbing, slowly and gently. You must wash your head in a good and efficient manner. In the second week, you can start to massage your head while washing. However, you should only use your fingertips and apply the pressure 

What If I Accidentally Remove a Scab and It Starts Bleeding? 

Removing a hair transplant scab before time means that you’ve increased your risk of getting infections. While cleaning the blood, you need to be very careful so that you don’t end up damaging the other grafts. You can leave the bleeding to stop on its own. Once the blood dries, you can clean it while washing your hair. 
If it’s bleeding excessively, don’t try and rub the wound with a paper tissue. You should contact us immediately. 

How Long Will It Take for the Hair Transplant Scabs to Go Away? 

Hair transplant scabs can stay on the skin for about a week. It might take up to 2 to 3 weeks for the scabs to start falling off from your scalp. After they are gone, your pores will be unblocked. This will allow your grafts to breath and it will help with recovery. 
In the meantime, you can apply more pressure on your donor area. You can continue this practice until the 15th day (during which, you can, sometimes, massage twice a day), after which, you can resume your normal routine. However, you should still be gentle on the transplanted area. 

What Should I Do If My Scabs Don’t Fall Off on Their Own?  

If your scabs aren’t falling off on their own, it means that blood circulation is slowing down the healing process. Drinking alcohol or smoking can do that. Moreover, you’re recommended against covering your head because it can also contribute to poor blood circulation and slower healing. 
If your scabs are still there after 15 days, your grafts may have been damaged. In this case, inform us immediately, and send us the pictures of your scalp. We will get in touch with your surgeon right away and inform you accordingly.

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