How Long till I Start Seeing My Hair Transplant Results?

How Long till I Start Seeing My Hair Transplant Results?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding hair transplant surgery. Understandably, our patients want to know when they will start seeing their hair transplant results. 

At What Stage Will I Be Able to Judge My Hair Transplant Results?

You can expect your transplanted hair to start growing three months after the surgery. After three months have passed, your hair density will start increasing with each passing month. The expected full recovery period is 1 to 1.5 years. Hair transplant is a progressive treatment. 

What Are the Different Stages of Hair Growth After Hair Transplant?

Each patient is unique, so there can be variations in the recovery period. You can expect no hair growth to take place for at least three months after the surgery. The transplanted hair is in the dormant stage at this point. Then comes the emergent period, which lasts for the next four months. Starting with half an inch of growth per month, your hair will start growing by one and a half-inch. During the maturation period and after it, your original and transplanted hair will start to blend.  

I Have Started to Lose Hair a Few Weeks After the Surgery. Is This Normal? 

As a natural process of hair transplantation, you lose the transplanted hairs a few weeks after they are transplanted. This process is called shock loss and it’s nothing to worry about. It occurs because your scalp has sustained a trauma due to the surgery itself. The extraction of hair follicles and their insertion in the donor area can stress the skin. 

However, you need to know that even as you lose hair, the roots of the implanted follicles will stay in place. The shed hair makes way for the growth of new hair. This means that you will start to grow your hair back stronger than before. 

How Can I Sustain My Hair Transplant Results? 

You can consider taking supplements and vitamins to support your hair growth. However, you should not take them without the consultation of a doctor. You can also try changing up your diet and adding more proteins to it. Make sure to always read the ingredients of the shampoos, masks, or lotions that you put on your scalp. Avoid those with harmful ingredients or chemicals. 

Use your medications and follow the aftercare instructions. Good aftercare is the key to guaranteeing the best hair transplant results. Keep in mind that you cannot exercise right after the surgery. Stay hydrated and take good care of yourself. This is important for achieving good hair transplant results. 

How Long Will My Hair Transplant Results Last? 

Hair transplant offers a permanent solution for hair loss. The hair in the transplanted areas will grow like your native hair. The results last a lifetime. Your hair can thin as you age, but it’s only natural. 

However, depending on the strength of your donor area, the extent of baldness, your coverage/density expectations and certain other factors, you might need more than one hair transplant session. This will help you achieve satisfactory results. You can undergo hair transplant surgery more than once.   

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