I’m Not Happy with My Hairline Transplant Results

I’m Not Happy with My Hairline Transplant Results

Hair transplant is cosmetic surgery, so even though the results are successful in medical terms, it is possible that the final results of the surgery don’t meet your expectations. This can, of course, make you feel unhappy with your hairline transplant.

How Will Longevita’s Surgeons Ensure That I Get My Desired Hairline? 

The process begins with the drawing of a new hairline by the surgeon through the use of some instruments. For the hairline transplant, the surgeon takes the shape of your face and facial features into consideration. Through this, you can expect to achieve satisfactory results. More so, you can be at peace after finding out the final hairline design before the surgery takes place. Before we do anything, though, your approval of the design is of utmost importance. 

During the initial consultation session, you’ll come to know that hair transplant cannot take place on your facial muscles. Some patients desire that. However, it gives an unnatural look. While you’re talking or eating, your facial muscles will move so the hair on the area will also be moving. Moreover, the survival rate of transplanted follicles is quite low in that region. 

Will My Hairline Transplant Result Look Natural? 

Yes. Your hair type, facial features, shape, and structure are thoroughly studied before the hairline is drawn. Thus, you can stay stress-free, as you are going to have completely natural-looking results. While performing the surgery, the surgeons angle the transplanted follicles just like the surrounding natural hair. The density of your new hair will help it blend in easily with your existing hair.    

I am Not Satisfied with the Results of My Hairline Transplant

Sometimes people come with unrealistic expectations when having cosmetic surgery. This can lead to unhappiness upon seeing the final results. We take every possible step to avoid this outcome. Still, it’s quite normal to end up feeling dissatisfied with their transplant. If you’re not happy with your new hairline, you can undergo another surgery to correct the shape and/or density of the hairline. 

Sometimes due to poor aftercare, the transplanted hair might not grow on the hairline properly. Therefore, you must take good care of your hair and follow the aftercare steps. If revision surgery is needed, we’ll perform it. Make sure to stay in touch with us by sending us your pictures during the aftercare period. If something’s not right, we might detect it through the images and immediately get in touch with you. 

Also, some patients have a poor density in the donor area. This means that not enough hair can be transplanted to the balding regions. In this case, we encourage our patients to get PRP injections before and after the surgery to improve the results. Still, your transplant results might not end up exactly as you want. This is another reason why some patients end up dissatisfied. 

We understand how important a hairline transplant is for you. Not achieving satisfactory results can impact your confidence and self-esteem. However, although hairline transplant is permanent, corrective surgery is quite possible. 

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