Is Breast Asymmetry After Breast Surgery Normal?

Is Breast Asymmetry After Breast Surgery Normal?

Many patients get disappointed on noticing breast asymmetry after getting a breast augmentation. Asymmetry might not be too noticeable with smaller breasts. But, with the insertion of the implants, the asymmetry becomes highly noticeable. While it’s normal to have slight asymmetry if your breasts are naturally asymmetrical, highly asymmetrical breasts means that the surgery isn’t performed correctly.

Why Do I Have Breast Asymmetry After Breast Surgery? 

Even before breast augmentation, many women have a degree of breast asymmetry. But, due to the smaller size of the breasts, you’ll hardly notice it. Expert surgeons immediately take this into notice before performing the surgery. 

To take care of this problem, the surgeon may use implants that are of slightly different sizes. Of course, this will give your breasts a uniform appearance after the surgery. Longevita’s internationally certified surgeons have years of experience in performing plastic surgery.  This is why your choice of the clinic will largely determine the results of your surgery. Different nipple directions can also cause slight asymmetry after surgery. It is normal and barely noticeable after you see the final results. 

Another reason why you may have breast asymmetry after surgery is swelling. You shouldn’t worry about it. Quite possibly one of your breasts may look higher than the other one. Due to the swelling, your implants might take some time to settle into the pockets. One of the implants might settle more quickly than the other, and it may cause the asymmetry. 

Other reasons for breast asymmetry can be the formation of seroma or hematoma. In the former, fluid builds-up underneath the skin. In the latter, blood pocket forms beneath the skin. It might form on just one breast, making it look bigger than the other. They usually go away on their own. But you can get them drained by the surgeon. 

How Much Time Will It Take for The Swelling to Go Away? 

It generally takes about 3-6 months for the swelling to go away. After this, you can start seeing the final results of your breast augmentation. You need to be patient during the recovery period. 

I Have Breast Asymmetry Even After the Swelling Has Gone Away. What Should I Do? 

It is undesirable to have noticeable breast asymmetry after the surgery. It might not have been as prominent before the surgery, which becomes a greater cause of concern. In some cases, there’s nothing that can be done except for revision surgery. 

It can happen if your implants haven’t settled properly, which can happen due to many factors. Wrong rotation of the implants is another reason. The latter is not as much of a problem with round-shaped implants as with teardrop implants. 

Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent Breast Asymmetry? 

Make sure that you follow our aftercare instructions. It can help prevent the malrotation of implants. Also, wear the special bra that we have provided. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us.

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