What Can I Do for a Faster Scar Healing?

What Can I Do for a Faster Scar Healing?

If you’re getting a functional or cosmetic surgery, the chances are that you will form a scar. You cannot avoid it. 

What Causes the Formation of the Scar? 

Whenever you cut or scrape your skin, a scar will form. Even if you injure your skin by falling on the ground, you will have scars. This is your body’s way of healing. However, when the wound isn’t too deep, the scar heals quite quickly. 

When you’re going to have surgery, the surgeon will cut all the layers of the skin, which is why it will take far more time for the wound to heal. Moreover, it will leave a noticeable scar. The depth of the wound determines the severity of the scar. 

Every surgery will leave a scar behind, as it will be performed by cutting the skin. However, a fast and proper scar healing depends on your aftercare. If your scar is minimal, there’s a bigger chance for it to heal faster. If the scar is deep, it means that the skin has been traumatized more so it’s recovery will take longer.

What Can I Do for A Faster Scar Healing?

Wait for the stitches to remove or dissolve and then try massaging the area to promote the scar healing. You should also avoid smoking as it can decrease the supply of oxygen to the surgical site. Moreover, it can increase the risk of infection in the wound. Infection can delay scar healing. Reach out to us if you notice a discharge, oozing, pus, odour, pain, or swelling at the surgical site.

If you eat nutritious meals, it can greatly help with scar healing. Food that’s rich in vitamin C, iron, and zinc can help your body heal more quickly. 
Whenever you step out of the house, you should make sure to wear ample sunscreen. Direct and long exposure to the sun can darken the scars. 

Try to rest as much as possible. If you hurt your wound, it will start bleeding, and the scar healing process will start all over again. 

Will My Surgical Scar Ever Go Away? 

Quite possibly, your surgical scar will fade away with time. Even normally, it can take around a year and a half for the scar to fade considerably. 
However, there are many reasons why some people develop greater scarring compared to others. You can develop a dark scar if the wound is not properly looked after post-op or it develops an infection. If you’re suffering from a certain ailment, your scar healing might take longer than usual. In this case, we can advise medications and creams that can support the healing process. 

Other than that, the repair response of the patient also largely determines how soon the scar fades. Older people have less collagen in their skin. And collagen plays an important role in the scar healing process. So, the older you are, the harder it is for your scars to fade. They might fade, but they will take their time to completely go away. 

Obesity is another factor that can delay wound healing due to the poor blood supply to the injured area. If you have any other illnesses, such as diabetes or thyroid problems this too can delay the healing of the wound. 

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