When Can I See My Liposuction Results?

When Can I See My Liposuction Results?

Liposuction helps many people feel more comfortable in their skin. It takes some time to see the final results of this procedure, however, the patient also must ensure that they follow the aftercare steps provided by their surgeon. 


How Long till I See My Liposuction Results? 

The liposuction recovery process is a journey for which you’ll need patience. It’s normal to experience swelling for almost 6 months after the surgery. During liposuction, the surgeon applies 2L of a solution in order to break the fat tissue, and your body will take some time to completely absorb it. You need to wait for at least 6 weeks before you can start seeing the results of your surgery.

Even then, your results will not be completely apparent. It will take a whole year for the liposuction results to start showing. The biggest impediment that will stand in your way is the swelling. It’s absolutely normal. Our surgeon will share some tips with you so that you can reduce it in time. 

You’ll need time to see your liposuction results. While you wait for the swelling to go away, your scars will also start to fade. This way, when you do see the final results, you’ll have nothing to worry about. It is the way liposuction recovery goes. We encourage you to remain patient. 

So, What Will Happen Soon After the Liposuction? 

Depending on the amount of fat removed, you might or might not have to spend the night at the hospital. Initially, you will feel pain, soreness, and bruising. Moreover, the surgeon will ask you to not move around too much. 

You can return to work a couple of weeks after the surgery. However, if your job is too physically demanding, then you should take some more time off work. Soon, you’ll start feeling better and, hopefully, if all goes well, things will keep getting better for you.

The before-after pictures that you see of patients on the internet take months in the making. It doesn’t happen overnight or soon after the surgery, so you should be patient during your recovery.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help the Healing Process? 

Yes. There’s a lot that you can do to see the liposuction results in time. If you don’t follow the aftercare instructions, the chances are that your healing process will become longer. Firstly, you need to make sure that you’re incorporating vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid eating salty, oily, and sugary foods. You need to maintain the results of the liposuction through eating well. And it goes without saying that you need to drink water amply. 

Take walks and exercise, once your surgeon thinks it’s okay for you to. Whenever you think you’re starting to get tired, sit down, take a deep breath and relax. You don’t need to rush things. As mentioned before, liposuction results will take time. Overexerting your body in the hopes that you’ll see the results sooner can result in more harm. 

Importantly, keep the surgical wound clean and hygienic. If an infection develops, you will see the liposuction results later than usual. As always, you can reach out to us if you encounter any problem in the recovery process. 

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